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  • 雅思口语:an occasion when you were scared

    2019-02-16 10:44






      I’d like to talk about a ghost story that nearly scared me to death.

      It’s mainly about a doll that went on a killing spree. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s a ghost story, you know, so it doesn’t need to make any sense.

      Anyway, the story begins like this.

      A girl died in a tragic car accident, and when she was dying, she was holding a doll in her arms. After the accident, the girl’s father gave away all of the things she left, including the doll, ‘cause he doesn’t want any reminder of his little girl. Her death just broke his heart.

      However, somehow, an evil spirit got into the doll, so since then, the doll was full of hatred and anger, and started to kill anyone she saw, maybe that’s because she felt abandoned.

      The description of the book is so vivid that I could picture the crime scene in my head, you know. There’s blood everywhere, and I felt as if I could hear people scream, but once I started the first chapter, it’s just impossible to put it down, I mean, I just wanted to know what happened next, like who will be the next victim. I’ve even had a few sleepless nights recently because of this book.


      frighten/ scare somebody to death = to frighten somebody very much例如:

      Spiders frighten him to death.

      spree = (used especially in newspapers) a period of activity, especially criminal activity例如:

      to go on a killing spree

      give something away = to give something as a gift例如:

      He gave away most of his money to charity.

      (informal) Check out the prices of our pizzas—we're virtually giving them away!

      reminder = something that makes you think about or remember somebody / something, that you have forgotten or would like to forget例如:

      The sheer size of the cathedral is a constant reminder of the power of religion.

      The incident served as a timely reminder of just how dangerous mountaineering can be.

      The article concludes with a chilling reminder that the disease can strike anyone at any time.

      break one’s heart = to make somebody feel very unhappy例如:

      She broke his heart when she called off the engagement.

      It breaks my heart to see you like this.

      vivid = (of memories, a description, etc.) producing very clear pictures in your mind graphic例如:

      vivid memories

      He gave a vivid account of his life as a fighter pilot.

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