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  • 雅思口语:Describe an experience that you were scared

    2019-02-16 10:43



      恐怖的、无法用科学原理解释的灵异?#24405;?#26159;很多惊悚片的灵感来源,?#28304;?#38597;思口语里Describe an experience that you were scared这个话题,我们可以介绍一次自己被恐怖片吓尿的经历,比如看《安娜贝尔》啦,《解除好?#36873;?#21862;《咒怨》啦什么的。或者,我们?#37096;梢园?#33258;己经历的诡异?#24405;?#36319;考官分享一下,要是能成功把考官吓出一身冷汗,你就赢了,哈哈!


      I’d like to talk about a scary experience I had the other night.

      That day, I just got back from my friend’s birthday party where we drank a lot of beers, so I was a little bit tipsy. And when I got to the gate of my community, I started to dig around in my bag for the key. At that moment, I unconsciously looked back, I don’t know why I did it, I just looked back, and I saw three people standing in a circle, face to face, in the middle of the road under a street lamp. The light was so dim that I couldn’t see them clearly, they were just shadowy figures, you know. At that time, I didn’t think too much, I just wanted to go back home soon and use the bathroom because of all the beers I drank.

      However, the next day, when I went outside, I realized things were a little bit creepy, ‘cause in the daytime, I could see clearly there was no street lamp in the place that I mentioned earlier. I just freaked out, you know. I swear I saw three people under the lamp, it couldn't be false memory, I was not drunk, I was not even light-headed, I mean, I was thinking clearly at that moment.

      Actually I don’t believe there’s such thing as ghosts, but I guess that’s the only explanation for what I saw that night. Whenever I tell this to others, they all think it’s just a ghost story or something I made up, but it’s a true story and it really scared me.


      the other night = a few nights ago例如:

      I saw her in town the other night.

      tipsy = slightly drunk

      dig (+adv. / prep.) = to search in something in order to find an object in something例如:

      I dug around in my bag for a pen.

      unconsciously = without being aware

      Perhaps, unconsciously, I've done something to offend her.

      dim = not bright例如:

      the dim glow of the fire in the grate

      This light is too dim to read by.

      figure = the shape of a person seen from a distance or not clearly例如:

      a tall figure in black

      I saw a shadowy figure approaching.

      creepy = causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or slight horror scary例如:

      a creepy ghost story

      It's kind of creepy down in the cellar!

      freak out = if somebody freaks or if something freaks them, they react very strongly to something that makes them suddenly feel shocked, surprised, frightened, etc.例如:

      My parents really freaked when they saw my hair.

      Snakes really freak me out

      false memory = a memory of something that did not actually happen

      light-headed = not completely in control of your thoughts or movements; slightly faint例如:

      After four glasses of wine he began to feel light-headed.

      make something up = to invent a story, etc, especially in order to trick or entertain somebody例如:

      He made up some excuse about his daughter being sick.

      I told the kids a story, making it up as I went along.

      You made that up!

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