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  • 雅思口语:a good law in your country

    2019-02-16 10:39



      雅思口语轮换题又惊现“中国好法律?#20445;?#28900;鸭圈儿内?#40644;?#21696;嚎…… 关于法律话题,很多孩子用中文讲起来都无话可说,这两?#31181;?#30340;Part 2,真是比上了刑场还痛苦。除非你上过law school,我们普通?#33487;?#21475;就来的法律貌似都是从新闻联播里听来的,比如《未成年人保护法》,或者《道?#26041;?#36890;安全法》等等。如果你不是法律专业的学生,用英文来谈这么学术的内容,难度可不小啊。所以这里分享个特别容易“上嘴”的素材,让你巧妙的避开法律专有词汇,开开心心的用已知素材搞定这道奇葩话题:


      I think the Second Child Policy is the best law our country has made so far.

      About 30 years ago, China passed a law called One Child Policy. Back then, our country’s population was so huge that our national leaders just had to do something about it, so they introduced this law to control the population, and in a way, it kind of made a contribution to our planet, you know, the limited resources and things like that. Anyway, the result is, for a whole generation, we don’t have any siblings. Growing up as an only child, we could be pretty lonely sometimes, especially when our parents were tied up with their work and had no time to keep us company. So I think we, especially children can benefit a lot from the Second Child Policy.

      Another reason why I think it’s a great law is that it helps children to be more responsible and less selfish. You see, another downside of One Child Policy is that some children can be seriously spoilt. They are the center of the whole family and they get all the love and attention from their parents and grandparents. Their needs are always met and they don’t know anything about sharing or caring about others. However, things can be different if you have a second child in the family, ‘cause getting along with your brother or sister would be the first thing you need to learn, and it helps to improve your interpersonal skills, I’m sure.


      introduce = to formally present a new law so that it can be discussed例如:

      to introduce a bill (before Parliament)

      The new law was introduced in 2007.

      The government has introduced some tough new laws on food hygiene.

      in a way = to some extent; not completely例如:

      In a way it was one of our biggest mistakes.

      siblings = a brother or sister例如:

      squabbles between siblings

      sibling rivalry (= competition between brothers and sisters)

      only child = a child who has no brothers or sisters例如:

      I'm an only child.

      Only children often relate well to adults.

      tie somebody up = [usually passive] to keep somebody busy so that they have no time for other things例如:

      I'm tied up in a meeting until 3.

      keep somebody company = to stay with somebody so that they are not alone例如:

      I'll keep you company while you're waiting.

      downside = the disadvantages or less positive aspects of something

      spoilt = (of a child) rude and badly behaved because they are given everything they ask for and not enough discipline例如:

      a spoiled brat

      He's spoilt rotten (= a lot).

      get along / on with somebody = to have a friendly relationship with somebody例如:

      She's never really got on with her sister.

      She and her sister have never really got on.

      We get along just fine together.

      interpersonal = [only before noun] connected with relationships between people例如:

      interpersonal skills

      the psychology of interpersonal relationships

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